Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Infused Dog Treats is sourced with organic and human-grade ingredients when making our treats. Reward Your Dog With A Delicious Treat That Delivers A Wealth Of Therapeutic Support To Their Health. Grain free, Corn free, No artificial preservatives, free of parabens and GMOs.


100% all-natural organic Pet Treats is great for Dogs and Cats. 3 mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil in each treat.

Hemp Oil Infused Pet Treats-Beef Flavor-200g

  • It’s recommended to start on the low-end of the dosage spectrum — feel free to split the treat up if needed. For small pets under 10 lbs start with half a treat. Pets over 10 lbs can be given a full treat to start. Treats will have to pass through the digestive tract before the body can absorb it so expect the onset of effects to begin within 30-60 minutes.

    For the first week or so, it may take 24-48 hours before you see results, and in extremely rare cases a week before full desired results are achieved. With regular use, the majority of pets will experience relief within 1-2 hours after administering.